I have experience with multi-national environments, remote and dangerous areas and location,

top-five international companies, high and ultimate responsibilities in projects which easily touch 550.000 Euro per day and more and so... Add leadership traits that include honesty, integrity, decisiveness, a successful history of working well with other team members, an ongoing passion to learn, grow and to increase my knowledge and you will have my profile.

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JUN 22

My Drawings

posted by Rares .:. on June 22, 2012 18:33 as RIS's Artworks

innovaeditor/assets/admin/RIS Flipper Drawing 20120622-01.jpg

Scratching a black-paint covered paper could lead you to have interesting results...

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10 Tips for Talking About Training

posted by Rares .:. on June 06, 2012 12:57 as Training

10 Tips for Talking About Training / Topic: Training



1. Use everyday language. When you have to include technical terms, explain what they mean, and write them on a board or flip chart so that employees can see the words as well as hear them.

2. Take education and language proficiency into account. For example, if you have non-English-speaking employees in your group, speak slowly and clearly, and point to equipment, labels, etc., that illustrate what you're saying.

Also be sure to demonstrate procedures as you explain them. Let trainees know it's OK to keep asking questions until they really understand your message.

3. Smile and be friendly. Be conversational. Don't lecture.

4. Maintain a comfortable pace and moderate volume. ...


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